Write for Tohoku has moved!

The Write For Tohoku project has a new home.  You can find us here:  www.fortohoku.org

Thanks for your interest and support.


About writefortohoku

We are a group of writers in Japan collaborating on an ebook to benefit survivors of the March 11, 2011 Tohoku-Kanto earthquake.
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29 Responses to Write for Tohoku has moved!

  1. Claire Dawn says:

    I am a writer living in Iwate, Tohoku. Thank you! And I’m definitely in!

  2. Avery says:

    Dear Writers for Tohoku,

    I have posted your Call for Submissions to the SCBWI Tokyo Translation listserv focused on translation of Japanese children’s literature. For our reference, are translations of material for and/or about children welcome for the ebook?


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  5. Hugh Ashton says:

    The first draft of my novel At the Sharpe End featured an earthquake resulting in a nuclear accident. The relevant parts of the book are currently available as a separate e-book (proceeds to charity) but I will be happy to donate it to this anthology. The book could also be produced as a POD volume. I am happy to donate time and skills to this.

    • Hi Hugh

      Thanks so much for commenting. At the moment we are trying to keep the ebook to non-fiction, just to give overseas readers a sense of what it’s like to travel and live in Japan and to profile Japanese people. Do you have any non-fiction? Or, do you mind promoting the project on your sites when it’s finished?


      • Hugh Ashton says:

        I have some non-fiction pieces, but they’re syndicated out right now – and they tend to be on the rather tech-y economic side. But of course I will publicize the anthology, and I will gladly lend any technical assistance wherever I can (I am relatively familiar with the mechanics of book and ebook production).

  6. Vinita Mahtani says:

    I live in Spain and I am just trying to imagine what you are all going through. I would like to know if writers from abroad can help in any way
    remember you are not alone

    • Thank you. Most of us are in Tokyo and south, where things aren’t so bad compared to the north. But I know everyone I’ve spoken to feels shock and sympathy and wants to do something to help.

      If you have Japan-related writing, we’d be happy to have it. Or, if you have ways to promote the ebook overseas we’d appreciate that too.

      • Vinita says:

        I have sent the link to my friends in Japan
        I can try and find out about how to help once you finish the product
        Best of luck from this side of the world

  7. Christine Soja says:

    I was in Kyoto for JET in 2001-2002 and would love to contribute to your efforts. I see from the comments above that you are looking for non-fiction, what about poetry? I can definitely think of examples of community and kindness of the people from my stay there.

    I am also curious about the ebook, how is it sold? What do buyers “get”? I’m new to e-publishing, but it sounds interesting. Please let me know more.

    Christine Soja

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks! I think we want to stick to non-fiction at the moment, as one of the project goals is to share real-life stories of what Japan and the Japanese are like.

      We will sell the ebook online through various distributors (websites, iTunes, Amazon, etc). Buyers get a digital copy of the book that they can read on ebook readers, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, or their computers. Most of us are new to epublishing too but a few people with experience producing & distributing ebooks have generously volunteered to help.


  8. I’d be happy to contribute. When by?

  9. Marco Lobo says:

    On the Saturday after the big quake, my wife and I drove to Sendai to look for my mother-in-law. We found her and brought her back to Tokyo. The 400 kilometer drive took us 14 hours. Yes, I would like to submit something to help with this project.
    Best wishes to all,

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  11. Ben Stubbings says:

    Would you like me to include an appeal for contributions in the Japan Times What’s Up column on Tuesday?

    If so, could you send me what you would like to see printed at about 60 words ASAP?

    If you are already inundated with submissions, I totally understand that you may not want a listing.

    Best of luck!

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks! We’ve got a lot of great stuff so far but would appreciate an appeal in the Japan Times to help round out the book’s content.

      Could you print this?

      The Write For Tohoku project seeks non-fiction contributions for an anthology of writing about Japan. Contributions published in an ebook and smartphone app and proceeds given to the Japanese Red Cross. We especially need travel stories, translations, humour pieces, sketches of daily life in Japan, or profiles of Japanese people. 500-1000 words please. See writefortohoku.wordpress.com or email write.for.tohoku@gmail.com



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  13. Rashaad Jorden says:

    I’m so glad Write for Tohoku has been launched because I love writing, and I love to share my stories about Japan. I would love to talk about running in Japan, and I have plenty of photos. May I submit photos with my story?

  14. What a great idea — I’m definitely in.

    I lived and worked in Sendai for almost two years, and in Japan for over seventeen years. I’ve got a lot of travel stories that might fit.

  15. Johnny McDowell says:

    I think there are possibly too many stories to squeeze into 1000 words.

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